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Supporting Charities At #NipClub

#NipClub founders: @kingtuttifruitti & his human, @flacatlady

#NipClub founders: @kingtuttifruitti & his human @flacatlady

Working at #NipClub is like nothing else on earth – if  “on earth” is the right expression for a nightclub out in Cyberspace! It’s great fun to be a part of the team that brings you entertainment every Thursday night and for 24 uninterrupted hours every second weekend of the month.

It’s also a tremendous responsibility. We aren’t only about entertainment – we’re also about raising funds to help small no-kill animal shelters who even at the best of times have very limited resources and during this recession are faced with a daily struggle even to survive. That means that the success or otherwise of every #NipClub fundraiser means the saving, or the loss, of animal lives.

#NipClub: where efurrybuddy knows your name

#NipClub: the online spot where everyone knows your name

Every shelter we support goes through a rigorous selection process. We have to be satisfied that they have a proper 501(c)3 registration (or the equivalent accreditation for those outside the USA) to say that they’re a fully vetted and properly registered charity.

We enquire into their policies and care of animals, and immediately exclude all who aren’t as fully committed as we are ourselves to keeping healthy animals alive. We take all the steps we can to check on their finances and fund-raising activities. Because we help only charities who have proper accreditation there’s a lot of information about them in the public domain and It isn’t hard to find – but it needs a lot of checking. That takes hours of work each month, and it’s a rigorous and not particularly pleasant experience for a charity to go through.


Welcome to #NipClub: our famous signage

We do all this for two reasons –

1 – Because we want to make sure that we give targeted help to those organizations who need it most; and

2 – Because we want to safeguard our #NipClub patrons, and make as certain as we can that your hard-earned and recession-hit dollars are going exactly where you think they are, and doing as much good as possible.

We’re not pretending we can help every anipal, human or organization in financial difficulties – there aren’t enough hours in the day or dollars in our members’ pockets to do that. So, we do the only thing we can – we help those shelters we believe we can help most.

And the hardest and most painful job at #NipClub is saying No to all the rest.

Almost a year old: #NipClub Monthly

Almost a year old: #NipClub Monthly

Because we’ve picked the causes we believe we can help most and we’ve put them through such close and painful scrutiny, we promise them in return that we will do our utmost as an organization to promote their cause, and theirs alone, during the time that they’re our chosen charity.

That means that other than in the most exceptional circumstances, which need direct approval from @kingtuttifruiti / @flacatlady, #NipClub will not allow its name or hashtag to be used for the promotion of any other charity, appeal or cause.

Individual staff members also support a variety of other causes. We tweet about them, blog about them, post to Facebook about them, DJ, barktend, quiz or do  whatever else we can to help them – but we do so off the #NipClub timeline.

That allows us all to help as many causes as we can without diluting the focus #NipClub gives to chosen charities.

#NipClub's favorite flower: a nip sprig

#NipClub’s favorite flower: a nip sprig

In return, of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to seek to promote #NipClub on other people’s hashtags, and unless we’re jointly promoting a charity with someone else, eg when @BorisKitty and @Eddiebabycat have generously used their #SCIFIpawty and #Jesters hashtags to support the current #NipClub charity, or someone using another hashtag mentions #NipClub and we reply, we don’t do that.

We know all too well how frustrating it is to put hours of work into an event for a specific cause only to have it hi-jacked on behalf of someone else’s, and we no more want to do that to other people than we want other people doing it to us.

Most anipals who promote non-#NipClub-related material on the #NipClub hashtag do so innocently, without knowing any of that background, and we explain in a polite and friendly manner (and completely behind the scenes if we can DM or e-mail pals involved). Most understand when we explain, but just occasionally someone doesn’t take it well.

Tutti & Shayna: Valentine's at #NipClub

@kingtuttifruiti and wifey @ShaynaCat: Valentine’s at #NipClub

Sadly, that happened yesterday, and resulted in some harsh and inaccurate things being posted on the public timeline about someone who spends many hours every day working behind the scenes for #NipClub.

Even more sadly, the inaccurate claims are apparently continuing.

Some of the abuse is personal,  as untrue as it is irrelevant, and doesn’t deserve to be repeated here, but there was one thing said that does need to be corrected. I tried to point it out in private, but although I’d taken no part whatever in the incident l discovered I’d been blocked, leaving me no way to set the record straight except in public.

6185_4169112623998_1349744775_nThe reason why @kingtuttifruiti and his human, @flacatlady, make rules for #NipClub is very simple – they founded #NipClub in the first place. It was their idea. They run it, they determine strategy, and they have the final decision on everything to do with #NipClub.

If anyone finds that unacceptable, all they have to do is start their own hashtag, and work as hard as #NipClub staff to run it and promote it. That will allow them the freedom to promote whatever cause they like, as widely as they can – except, of course, at #NipClub.

There’s one more thing I need to say to say here, which I’m sure you’ll understand is not aimed at any #NipClub patron or staff member, but hopefully will serve to reassure anyone who was upset by anything that took place yesterday.

Boss Cat: @kingtuttifruiti at #NipClub

Boss Cat: @kingtuttifruiti at #NipClub

Differences of opinion, and criticism of opinions or behavior, are a valid and sometimes very necessary thing, but personal abuse or defamation of any member of the #NipClub staff or any #NipClub guest will not be tolerated.

Anyone posting such material will be blocked and reported, and screen shots of any such abuse or defamation will be taken and forwarded to the appropriate authorities of any social media where they appear.

#NipClub is intended as an entertaining place to be, and its management will take whatever steps are necessary to safeguard staff and guests and ensure it is a safe and fun environment in which to pawty.

So, with all that said, let’s put the incident behind us and do what we do best at #NipClub – pawty on!! 🙂

#GeorgePawty – Your Special Invitation!

Celebrating #GeorgePawty: @GeorgeTheDuck

Celebrating #GeorgePawty: @GeorgeTheDuck

I don’t suppose there’s anyone who’ll read this post without already knowing @GeorgeTheDuck – an outstanding barktender and DJ who only has to waddle into any pawty and wave a wing to make people smile in anticipation of the laughter and the entertainment to come.

George is especially famous within #NipClub where, in addition to the countless shifts he’s worked during the Thursday night pawties,  he set up and was the first Manager of #NipClub Monthly, and the tremendous strides the new venture has made within a year are in no small measure thanks to the efforts of a 3″ catnip duck with a colossal personality.

Representing joy: Citrine Heart

Citrine Heart:

That’s only one aspect of George’s character, though. Many of us also know him behind the scenes as a kind and caring friend always ready to lend an understanding ear to problems or sort out a piece of tangled coding – not to mention helping out at countless fundraisers and pawties, often at short notice, and always doing so with brilliance and laughter. George is a very special part of Twitter, well-known and, much more importantly, well-loved.

Breath of Spring Seas:

Breath of Spring Seas:

Sadly, George and his Typist, Robin Harton, have been dealing with some very painful challenges recently. Of the five cats who share their home, two are terminally ill – @Sanjeethecat with mouth cancer, and Mini with advanced unclassified cardiomyopathy with severe left atrial enlargement in other words, progressive heart failure. Naturally, George and Robyn are doing everything possible to keep them comfortable and happy, and are spending as much time with them as possible.

Persia Bracelet:

Persia Bracelet:

As if all this wasn’t enough, their third cat, Gree, has now developed dental problems and if antibiotics don’t work may need surgery.

I can’t imagine there’s anyone would could face this situation without being put under tremendous strain. The financial cost is high, and the emotional cost much higher still – and in this case, there’s an added complication, too.

Robyn runs a business – with George’s help, of course. She designs and hand-makes gorgeous jewelry – and I know it’s gorgeous, because Mom wears some of it, and everyone who sees it tells her how beautiful it is. Robyn’s designs are lovely, and she crafts her work with great care. Her materials are silver and semi-precious stones – items with lots of character, designed with artistry and fashioned with much love.

Flower of Creativity:

Flower of Creativity:

But here’s the problem. Given the challenges I’ve just been telling you about, Robyn hasn’t had the time she needs to market her business. She has no problem filling all the orders that she gets, but as any small business owner will tell you, the first thing to suffer when you don’t have enough time at your disposal is the thing your business needs the most – your marketing.

Twinkling Opals:

Twinkling Opals:

That means potential customers aren’t getting to hear about her lovely work, and what they haven’t heard about they just can’t order.

So, here’s what her and George’s friends are doing about it.

We’re holding a #GeorgePawty on Twitter on February 19, from 6-9pm Eastern Time (that’s 11pm – 1am if you’re in the UK or Ireland, by the way).

Success and Happiness:

Success and Happiness:

We want to say a great big  Thank You to George and Robyn for all they do for us and for anipals in need, and we’re going to do some marketing of Robyn’s business for them.

We’re going to hang out and have fun, of course, as we do at any pawty, but we’re also going to showcase some of Robyn’s work and tweet some links for you to check out these and other items from her collection.

What do we want you to do?

  • Anxiety Relief:

    Anxiety and Stress Relief:

    Tell your friends about the pawty. Invite any and every anipal you know. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and any other social network you can think of. If you have a blog, we’d love it if you’d mention it on there. You don’t have to write a post about it if you don’t want to – you’re very welcome just to write a couple of lines and link to this one. We don’t want you to spam anyone, of course, but any legitimate promotion will be very welcome ;

  • Thulite Heart Blessings:

    Thulite Heart Blessings:

    Come to the pawty, and enjoy it! If you don’t like jewelry and haven’t got spare dollars to donate, please don’t imagine that means that you can’t help.  Giving George and Robyn a great night that will lift their spirits and show how many friends they have who love them will work wonders. George’s DJ and barktending skills have helped to get a lot of pawties trending – this time we want to see his name and hashtag at the top of that list!;

  • During the pawty, please send some RTs, especially of links to Robyn’s site and products. Don’t think that if you’re new to tweeting and only have a paw-full of followers so far you can’t help – you never know when you might be reaching someone that the rest of us can’t reach;

  • Focus Bracelet:

    Focus Bracelet:

    Please give some thought to buying some of Robyn’s work. Is there a piece you’d like to treat yourself to? Have you achieved something that you’d like to reward yourself for, or have a permanent souvenir of? Do you need to buy a present soon for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion? (Big hint – for those in the UK, Mother’s Day is not far off…);

  • Ice Flicker Bracelet:

    Ice Flicker Bracelet:

    Download Robyn’s book about her stones and crystals. It’s free, and it’s a real good read;

  • If you don’t need jewelry but you do have a couple of dollars to spare to help someone through a bad patch who’s given unstintingly of her time and her resources to help others, there’ll be a Chip-In you can contribute to – and we’ll be particularly grateful if you’ll tweet the link; and
  • EternaEar-rings:


    If you’re interested but can’t get to the pawty, you can visit Robyn’s store right now and browse her products for yourself, or toss in a few dollars if you can at the Chip-In link.

Thank you for reading this, and please – enjoy #GeorgePawty !!

Please help #GeorgePawty

Please help #GeorgePawty

How To Have The Perfect Anipal Wedding

Sparkling At Christmas!

ImageIf you like jewelry, especially the high quality original handmade variety, I have got some pawesome news for you – @GeorgeTheDuck’s Typist, Robyn Harton, who makes some of the loveliest stuff around, is having a sale!
From now until noon EST on December 19 you can get a whole 20% off her fabulous handmade jewelry & crystals, plus FREE Priority Mail throughout the USA.
Buy now, and your items should arrive by Christmas – Robyn has promised that she’ll stay up all night if that what it takes to get everything sent out in time to meet the postal service cut-off date, and you can be quite sure @GeorgeTheDuck will quack at her as much as necessary to make sure she does!
ImageTo treat yourself or someone else to a piece of gorgeous handmade jewelry (& Mom has some, so I know what I’m meowing about!), just click on and take a look at what’s on offer.
And just in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t get paid to recommend this – I’m telling you about it just because it truly beautiful, and I know you’ll love it just as much as Mom and I do!

If You Have A Problem At #NipClub…

nipclub baazr

First of all, I hope you’ve all had as great a weekend as I have – #BodeNancyWed was a blast, and the #NipClub Holiday Bazaar exceeded all our expectations!

Sadly, though, there was one sour note to the weekend. It happened last night, and although I hope the incident is now closed it highlights an issue which I think could usefully be clarified.

What #NipClub Is

#NipClub is an online anipal night-club with two purposes:-

  1. To entertain, in a friendly, safe and fun environment; and
  2. To raise money to help no-kill animal shelters which are small and struggling for funding.

What #NipClub Isn’t

#NipClub is not a place for:-

  • Fundraising for causes other than the official #NipClub charity for the month.

That’s not because we don’t care about other needs – we do, and a lot of #NipClub staff, including me, are happy to help out at other fundraisers whenever we can.

What we don’t do, though, is promote them on the #NipClub hashtag. We keep that for the little shelters we’ve researched, approved, made friends with and pledged our full support to for that month.

  • Political, religious or other controversy.

There are lots of forums online offering the chance to discuss your views with others of the same persuasion, or argue with the opposition. #NipClub isn’t one of them. We aim to be inclusive, not divisive, and to have respect for all.

  • Campaigning.

You may have the best cause in the world, and as individuals pawty-goers and members of #NipClub management and staff may well support it, but when you come through the doors of #NipClub that stuff gets left outside.

All of it. Period.

We are here for the reasons I’ve already given, not to support, or oppose, any other cause whatever. Attempts to involve #NipClub in other causes will at best distract our members from our true purposes, and at worst put them off from from turning up at all. That will merely hurt those that we’re here to help.

There are plenty of ways to help a cause you’re passionate about, both in social media and off-line.

#NipClub isn’t one of them.

Campaigning on the #NipClub timeline is off-topic, posting off-topic to a hashtag is spam, and #NipClubbers are very good at turning out in force to block and report spammers.

Please don’t make any of us feel we have to do that.

And, most importantly of all…

  • Attacking your fellow #NipClub-bers

Most #NipClub-goers would be appalled at the idea, but sadly there are those who even with the best of motives fail to grasp the point that other anipals and humans are entitled to respect.

So, for those (hopefully, extremely few) who need the information, this is how it works:-

  1. If you have a beef with someone, resolve it peacefully or take it outside.
  2. If you disagree with someone’s views, say so politely or ignore them.
  3. If you don’t like someone, unfollow them or block them.
  4. And if you have a problem with any of that, you don’t belong at #Nipclub.

What if you’re the one who’s attacked?

Hopefully it’ll never happen, but if it does here’s what to do about it:-

  1. Don’t respond to the attack – abusers thrive on the anger or distress of victims.
  2. Report the attack to @kingtuttifruiti, @flacatlady, myself, or any other member of #NipClub management who happens to be around. If no-one is, please copy the tweet to your note-taking app so you can access it later when someone is available.
  3. Block the person or persons who attacked you.
  4. If you feel you need to, report the abuse to Twitter – most times, though, simply blocking the offender ends the problem instantly and with as little distress to you as possible.

Now we’ve cleared that up…

… let’s all get back to doing what we do best – having fun, and helping shelter anipals at #NipClub 🙂


#NipClub Holiday Bazaar – My Giveaway

As some of you may know, when she isn’t typing for me my Mom runs a personal development business helping people to achieve their dreams.

Recently there have been some problems with her webhosting company, and at the moment she can’t access any of her sites. Obviously she’ll be changing her hosting company and hopes to have everything up and running on a better piece of web-space shortly, but in the meantime I thought it only decent to offer her a helping paw by letting her borrow some of mine.

So, in honor of #NipClub’s special Holiday Bazaar, I’ve given her a few ideas that I’ve learned from a great guy named Paul Myers, and let her offer the resulting book for download from my blog.

Hope you like it – and do please do the things it says, because they really work!

Achieve Your Goals – Special Edition

Love & purrs,

Shayna. xoxo

Dona Nobis Pacem

In case you’re not familiar with the title of the post, it’s Latin for Grant Us Peace – the motto of the annual BlogBlast For Peace, which is taking place today. has details of how you can join in – it doesn’t need to involve a lot of time or effort.

If you have time to download a Peace Globe and upload it to your blog or Facebook page that would be wonderful, but even just sending a tweet tonight using the #peace hashtag would be enough to make your voice heard for the peace that individuals, natioms and the world itself so sorely need.

Please take a look at Mimi’s site and see how you can be a voice for peace – today.

Oops – Forgot To Tell You…



I so hate to admit this, but I can be a really silly kitty sometimes – I was so busy telling you about @GeorgeTheDuck’s garage sale that I forgot to mention something very important: how you can help to make the sale the great success that it deserves to be and put yourself in the running to win a pawesome prize… and all without it costing you a cent!

Here’s how to do it…

    1. Go to and leave a comment sending Mini healing purrs. As you can imagine, Mini’s illness is very tough on George, his Typist Robyn and all the family, as well as, most of all, of course, on Mini herself. They can use all the healing purrs and good wishes they can get, and in gratitude they’ll enter you in the prize draw just for doing that;

    2. If you have a blog, please give George’s garage sale a mention and include the link. It doesn’t need to be a long post – just a few lines will spread the word and let your friends know where to go for some distinctive, beautifully-made jewelry at a great price. When you’ve done that and tweeted your blog post link so your friends can find it (hashtag is #Sale4Mini , by the way), go to George’s site and leave a comment telling him you’ve blogged about the garage sale, and you’ll be entered in the draw to win a prize;

    3. Whether or not you have a blog, please tweet about George’s garage sale and include the link – the short and Twitter-friendly version is – and the #Sale4Mini hashtag, then go to the site and leave a comment telling him you’ve tweeted about it, and you’ll also be entered in the prize draw.

Finally, if you want to start your Christmas shopping early (or snag a pawesome bargain for yourself!), just go to and look out for the 20% discount coupon available to Mini’s friends… and in case you need an extra incentive, all garage sale customers will also be entered in the prize draw.

Bargains are going fast, so I really do suggest you hurry!!

Gems From The Garage

Most readers of this post will already know @GeorgeTheDuck, the 3″ duck with catnip stuffing who runs the NipClub Monthly site, DJs and barktends at Twitter pawties, and keeps a firm but kindly eye on his Typist, Robyn Harton, and a number of delightful cats.

What you may not know is that Robyn makes and sells some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry that you might ever want to see.

OK, you can argue that I might be just a little biased – Mom has a lovely moonstone pendant set in silver that came from her store, and she never ceases to be amazed at the intricate hand-working of the silver as well as the delicate grace and subtle lustre of the stone itself.

Now, the reason that I’m telling you about it is, you have the chance to get your own paws on one of Robyn’s lovely pieces for yourself – and for a limited time you can even get one at a knock-down price!

One of the family cats, named Mini, has suffered from ill-health recently – her asthma has led to congestive heart failure. Obviously, running a business involves tying up a lot of funds in stock and raw materials, so, to fund her treatment, George and his Typist are having a garage sale – and you can benefit!

Just head on over to Robyn’s store and take a look around – you’ll find plenty of items that would make distinctive gifts for Christmas, birthdays and lots of other occasions, and maybe even a special treat for your own human, too!

And that’s not all. Take a look around the site and you’ll find lots of information about particular stones and all the lore surrounding them – and there’s even a free book you can download to read at your leisure.

Find out whether diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, or when you might be better choosing garnet or citrine – have fun reading the traditional beliefs around each stone, and amaze your friends with your new knowledge!

All that information’s free, and it can help you choose a stone that has a special meaning just for you.

Go on – indulge yourself! The information’s free and the magnificent jewelry’s (very temporarily!) at garage-sale prices, so head across there now, while stocks last and the bargain prices are available!

That link again? It’s Robyn’s store, and whatever time of day you’re reading this, it’s open NOW!!


In memory of 9/11

In memory of 9/11

There have been plenty other huge events in history, but few so traumatic that the date alone immediately transports all who were more than babies at the time, right back there.

People have their birthdays or their wedding anniversaries on that day.

Folks have started a new job that day, had their first child, met the person of their dreams or got engaged – but no matter what great things might be associated with it, the shadow of the Twin Towers always falls across the date of 9/11.

So, like many others right around the world as well as in America, I want to take a moment to remember and say a prayer for all caught up in the events of that day…

    The victims, whether in the planes or on the ground;

    The survivors, some physically injured, all emotionally seared forever by the things that they experienced or saw that day;

    The families and friends who waited desperately for news, both those who got the news they longed for and those who had to bear the news they dreaded, with a special thought for those who to this day can only guess what happened to their loved ones;

    The children born after the event or too young to remember the person who set off for work or sight-seeing in New York that day and never came home, who will grow up without the knowledge of a father’s or a mother’s love;

    The family pets who waited loyally for an owner to return, and to whom no-one could explain why someone they completely trusted had apparently abandoned them;

    The firefighters, so many of whom risked or even gave their lives to rescue total strangers;

    The police, medics, air traffic controllers, priests, and all whose training for emergencies had suddenly been called into the most desperately-needed use in the unfolding tragedy;

    Those who fed the fire crews, made space available to treat the injured, comforted the traumatized survivors and helped desperate families find news of missing loved ones; and

    All others whose lives were painfully affected by that day or by its aftermath.

The world, of course, has changed for ever. We learned the hard way it’s a whole lot smaller than we thought it was.

We found out that we really are each other’s keeper – that what happens in a city or a country far away impacts the lives of all of us.

As a UK newspaper proclaimed next day, “We’re all New Yorkers now.”

For all of us who will commemorate the tragedy today, we still are.

Avast, Me Hearties!!

Recruiting NOW!

Recruiting NOW!

As you may know, #NipClub is holding a Tall Ships Regatta tomorrow, August 30, from 4pm EDT (9pm UK) onwards.

You may also know that I’m lucky enough to be captaining one of the ships, HMS Shayna.

What you may NOT know is that just because the vessel belongs to the UK Merchant Marine (in plain non-technical English, it a British ship!) and flies the UK flag, that does NOT mean that the crew all have to be from the UK.

Pals of all nationalities and any species whatsoever are very welcome to sign up and join the crew. You’ll have free noms and a plentiful supply of rum, and no-one sailing under me has ever (so far!) suffered the indignity of the cat o’nine tails, being keelhauled, or finding themselves forced to walk the plank.

You’ll be a member of as lively a bunch of matelots as ever flew the Jolly Roger (I mean, the Union Jack), spliced the mainbrace, climbed up to the crow’s nest, or fell out of the rigging.

If we happen to come across a treasure ship that needs us to take charge of it and steer it safely into harbor, any doubloons or jewels that we claim as salvage will be shared among the crew.

And, of course, let’s not forget we’re in a race… and that no matter which ship is first to cross the Finish line, the real winners will be the little Doxies #NipClub’s helping this month to escape the pound (or even worse) and find forever homes.

So – you in? Just tweet or DM me, & I’ll be delighted to add you to the crew.

Ship Ahoy!