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Thankful Thursday

June 1, 2012

Got so many things I’m feeling thankful for this morning that I’m not sure where to start!

I’ll start with being thankful that the Thankful Thursday blog-hop is starting up again. It’s not that I don’t feel thankful when it isn’t running, but despite all my good intentions about publishing a Thankful Thursday blog post each week anyway, it’s way too easy to drift out of the habit, so I’m very glad that the incentive’s back!

If you’d like to join the Thankful Thursday blog-hop, it’s on Cokie’s blog – do go take a look and add the things you’re feeling thankful for today, or if you’re feeling down just read it for some inspiration.

Next, I’m thankful that we’ve had some pawesome weather!

OK, it was just for a few days, & the weekend forecast’s cold and wet, but it was great to nap in sun-puddles & watch the humans lounging on the grass & eating ice-cream, & actually talking and laughing instead of plodding around around with heads bowed and the corners of their mouths turned down. It plain amazing what effect a bit of sunshine has!

I’m also glad that this weekend there’s set to be a major celebration in the UK – & the plan is for everyone to join in!

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee’s not just for the royals, or the rich, or the famous, or the politicians, or the social climbers in the population – there are cakes being baked and Church halls, village halls & every other hall you can imagine being set up for the occasion.

Flags are flying in the streets & fluttering from people’s windows, & cards are coming through the door with invitations to watch the River Pageant outdoors on a massive screen, or bring a cake and join in a community meal.

Because that the point. It all about community. Too many of us never even give a smile, let alone a friendly word, to the guy or gal next door. Let’s hope the next few days will change all that, & lead to lots of fun & maybe even lasting friendships!

One more thing I’m thankful for today is the number of folks who work so hard to provide fun and laughter as well as raising tons of money for good causes.

If you were at #NipClub’s Beach Pawty last night, or we welcome you to our African Safari on June 9-10, or you’ve ever been to #PawPawty or you go to any of the many, many fundraisers & other fun events for anipals you might well think it all just happens naturally.

It doesn’t. It isn’t just the barktenders and DJs who work hard, either. The noms don’t just have to be served up to you – they need to be made in the first place. Djs don’t just post links without assembling a playlist, & no-one would turn up at all without someone organizing the team behind the scenes.

And there’d never be a fun experience like last night at the Beach Pawty if no-one had the theme ideas or found or made the graphics for the site to set the scene.

So today I’m feeling thankful for the privilege of being a small part of such a pawesome team, & for all who work so hard behind the scenes & get so little credit, not just at #NipClub but throughout the anipal community.

  1. Excellent write up Shana. I’ll do some promoting of your blog.

    • Thanks, Mario – very glad you like it! Thanks also for promoting it – I appreciate it very much đŸ™‚

      • Sorry, Mario – I did reply to this, but for some reason my reply not showing up on blog! What I said was…

        “Thanks, Mario – very glad you like it! Thanks also for promoting it – I appreciate it very much :-)”

  2. Shayna! love the new blog! Communities are so special, we think we’re very fortunate to be part of the anipal community! What a special group of pals! {{hugs}}!

    • Thank you – very glad you like it!

      I totally agree with you about communities, & especially the anipall one – I feel very fortunate indeed to have so many pawesome pals!

      Purrrrrrrr đŸ™‚

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