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Sunshine Award Update – 7 Questions

June 7, 2012

I’m glad to say I’ve now answered the 7 questions that go with the Sunshine Blog Award, as I promised @TheMooshies that I would.

The answers are…

1. What’s your favorite number?

Six – simply ‘cos I like the look of it! There something about the rounded shape of it that makes me think of friendly laughter – I have absolutely no clue why, but it does. Take a look, now… 6.

2. What’s your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

I’m not sure if it actually has a name, but Mom mixes grapefruit juice with lemonade, and it delicious!

At first I had to knock her glass off the table and lick up all the juice to make her understand I wanted to try some, then purr loudly to let her see I liked it. She got the message, and now she puts some in my dish for me.

She does occasionally forget, and then I wrap myself around her ankles and meow a lot until she gets the point.

3. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Well, I do like Facebook, especially after being invited to sing with the Black Eared Peas on there (which is pawesome fun!), but I must admit I’m more at home on Twitter.

Maybe it just ‘cos I’ve been using it for longer, but I really do love Twitter. I find it easier to connect with friends, especially when there are several involved in a discussion.

Also, there isn’t any speciesism on Twitter – no-ne asks me if I’m human (huh?) or for personal information which then “accidentally” finds its way into the paws of marketers, or worse.

So, overall, my vote must go to Twitter.

4. What’s your passion?


I love playing it, singing it (Mom calls it yowling, but she got no taste), writing it, dancing to it and DJ’ing it.

I don’t have a favorite genre or era, or even a particular favorite artist – I just love music that energizes me and makes me feel good.

If it makes me want to dance, I love it!

5. What’s your favorite pattern?

The one on the duvet cover on Mom’s bed.

It’s has some very pretty flowers on a white background, and it right where it catches pawesome sun-puddles when the weather’s good, so I just love to lie on it!

6. What’s your favorite day of the week?


There something special about the start of the weekend, isn’t there?

Watching a sleeping human who’s rashly planned a lie-in, and savoring the moment when you start meowing that you want your breakfast…


7. What are your favorite flowers?


We have a thick carpet of them around an apple tree in the garden. They’re the first flowers we see here after the winter, and we all look forward to them poking their little heads up through the frozen ground in early January.

Once they do, we know that spring is on its way.

So, I’ve answered the 7 questions – next step is to choose 10 more blogs to give a Sunshine Blog Award to.

Workin’ on it…


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