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Fire Of Dreams

June 18, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had big dreams.

She lived in a tiny off-shoot of a little town where nothing much had happened since the 19th Century.

The councillors who ran the town had once had big dreams, too – but they’d kinda run into the sand, and now it was just a small dot on the map of an area that no-one thought important any more.

That didn’t bother the little girl, of course. She had dreams that reached right to the sky, and she was determined she’d achieve them someday.

In time she left the little town to go to University. She believed that it would bring her closer to her dreams, but by the time she left she felt they were as far away as ever.

There was plenty to distract her from her dreams, of course – there always is. Family stuff, the need to make a living… She was doing fine, and everyone around her thought she was quite happy.

She was the only one who knew, deep down inside, that it was nowhere near enough. Her dreams were all still there, and even though she wasn’t actively pursuing them, they were never, ever, going to leave her be.

Then, one day, something quite amazing happened. The Olympic Games were coming to the country, and she heard the torch holding the Olympic Flame was to be carried in procession through the area she lived in – and was scheduled to pass a few yards from her childhood home!

As a child she’d loved the Games. She’d watch in fascination as the torch was carried to the stadium, and in her day-dreams she would run beside it. It surely wasn’t possible that something so famous and symbolic was coming there, of all the places in the world!

She made her mind up in a heartbeat. Whatever happened, she was going to see that Flame light up the town.

Ignoring the weather forecast and the cries of, “Whyever are you driving all that way when you could watch it on TV?”, she packed some food, a water-bottle and some extra clothes into the car, put her camera on the passenger-seat, and hit the road.

Knowing the place as she did she quickly found the perfect vantage-point, right on the outskirts of the town, where few would walk to and mMthere wasn’t any place to park a car.

She stood and waited.

Eventually the sound of distant cheering told her that the Flame was on its way… and then, coming over the hill on the horizon, she saw the out-riders on their motorbikes.

Behind them, and distanced a little from the escort vehicles and the accompanying local athletes, a solo runner held aloft the Flame.

As he approached she raised her camera… and almost before the shutter clicked, she knew she’d got the shot she wanted.

For a moment that seemed to last forever she gazed in wonder at the Flame… then as it continued on its way she turned around, well satisfied, to head back to the car.

A little down the road, she saw the crowds she’d managed to avoid had left their places and surged on to the carriageway… and the procession had no choice but stop.

The Flame was still not far in front of her, and for a moment going nowhere. She set off to run.

Just as the procession moved off again she reached the Flame – and ran beside it till her path was blocked by crowds.

She stood still, starry-eyed, and gazed into the distance.

The impossible had happened. The Olympic Flame had come to her home town, and she’d come home to greet it.

She’d seen it right up close, and got its picture… and she’d run beside it, as she’d day-dreamed as a child she would someday.

It all seemed even more impossible than all the things she longed for – the big dreams she’d begun to fear she wasn’t good enough to reach.

Yet it had happened – and all she’d had to do was just show up!

There’s a line in a Lynyrd Skynyrd song that says,

“And for a while, I lost my dream –
I got it back now…”

As Mom ran down that road beside the Flame, she got her dreams back, too.

And this time, she is going for them.


Fire Of Dreams - The Olympic Flame

Fire Of Dreams – The Olympic Flame


From → Shayna's Diary

  1. What a beautiful story Shayna! Now your Mom knows all her dreams can come true! ((HUGS))

    • Thanks, Lily – yes, she does, and she’s keeping that pic with her, just in case she ever needs reminding! đŸ™‚

  2. spike_cat permalink

    A bewtiful bloggie post. It important to always fallow owr dreams, even if others not understand.

  3. Beautiful. So happy for you. Our dreams keep us going & sometimes we lose sight of them but we can get them back. We just have to make the effort & take the time. Well done! Skye613

  4. What a great story. I can relate to the “girl” because I have dreams. I reached a certain level of “success” and people around me have tried to make me believe that I have reached the ultimate goal and I should be happy. My dreams scream from inside that we are not there yet – that there is more to do and if I stay in this “you should be happy to be there” place I will never realize them. I have always lived by my own rules so I quit my job to follow my dreams.

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