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A Giant Leap With #NipClub

July 13, 2012
#NipClub Pathway To The Stars

#NipClub Pathway To The Stars

I have to admit, when #NipClub decides to do a thing, it does it BIG.

A club that started not much more than 2 years back with just 4 founding members now trends regularly at #1. Its team of internationally-based staff work hard behind the scenes each day to bring you all the fun and laughter that we can, as well as serving the important goal of helping shelter anipals to survive and find a loving new furever home.

#NipClub’s already taken all the fun on tour across America and abroad, but this upcoming weekend we plan to go one better, on a trip that can truly be described as out of this world – we heading for the International Space Station!

As you might expect with #NipClub, there a story behind this.

Like many more folks, #NipClub management were saddened by the announcement that the Space Shuttle would fly no more, and at one of those nip-fueled after-hours meetings in @kingtuttifruiti’s office he and club manager @TheNascarKitty decided something should be done about it.

As you can imagine notes of the meeting are a little sparse, but it was decided that #NipClub should buy one of the redundant Shuttles, refurbish it and use it to take #NipClub members to a place the Shuttle’s well-equipped to handle – the International Space Station.

So, some delicate negotiations took place a long, long way behind the scenes. I understand a sizeable amount of nip changed paws, but I have no knowledge of the details – I think it reasonable to assume that all involved would take the Fifth if questioned.

Anyway, #NipClub is now the proud owner of a beautiful refurbished, redesigned, safe and comfortable Space Shuttle. Where astronauts once traveled in functional accommodation, we have luxury. Where it used to accommodate a mere 5 people, it can now hold all the #NipClub patrons lining up to go.

The journey does still involve zero gravity, though, and I imagine weightlessness will get the blame for one or two instances of bad behavior!

Travel plans have now been extended to include a visit to the moon and special excursions to other planets and the asteroid belt (exact details will of course depend on the level of sun-spot activity and the behavior of solar flares).

No effort or expense has been spared to make this a wild and wonderful ride.

And you’re invited!

Lift-off is tomorrow, Saturday July 14 at 2pm EDT (that 7pm UK)… and if all that is not enough to tempt you, here’s the clincher:

World-famous anipal rock band The Shibbering Cheetos are coming with us!

That right – @ShibberingC are aiming to be the first rock band ever to venture into space.

Come and meet them and climb aboard the #NipClub Space Shuttle at 2pm EDT (7pm UK) tomorrow, July 14 and boldly go with #NipClub where no anipal has ever gone before.

Go get your ticket now from #NipClub Ticket Office – space suits are available free while stocks last from NipClub Tailoring Department .

“That’s one paw-step for anipals – a giant leap for all paw-kind!” – NASF (#NipClub Anipals Space Foundation), 2012

#NipClub - 1st Nightclub To Venture Into Space!

#NipClub – 1st Nightclub To Venture Into Space!

  1. I iz reddy to pawty in space!

  2. Great read & its gonna B a great pawty !!!
    hugs xoxo

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