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Run Free, My Golden Friend!

August 10, 2012

I am only one of over 2,000 anipals who had the privilege of knowing the kind and beautiful @Keely_Bobs, but I’m proud to say I also had the even greater privilege of having her describe me as a friend.

I was thrilled for her when she became engaged to Tom (@PuppyNumber7), and so delighted when she asked me to DJ at their wedding. Afterwards they gave me a lovely necklace, which I treasure, as a souvenir of the occasion.

Tom and Keely were a model couple, and it was beautiful to see how happy they so clearly were together. Anipals around the world rejoiced when their happiness was completed by the arrival of their adored #ourWinnie, who has a breath-taking resemblance to her beautiful golden-furred mother.

Recently we were all very shocked to learn that Keely had been diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. Tom built the magnificent #Keelysporch to accommodate the large number of pals who wanted to keep vigil for his beloved wife. Keely showed me his fine workmanship and told me how proud she was of her husband, and how touched by his devotion.

Obviously I realized that her situation wasn’t good, but I was completely unprepared for the shock I got last night. Just as I was about to start my #NipClub DJ set I heard that Keely was in vet hospital after becoming disoriented and lethargic.

For a moment I wanted to call off my set out of respect to her – but it was for a fundraiser, and I knew she’d want me to go on with it. It was just as well I had my song-links all prepared, because I tweeted them with tears streaming down my face.

This morning I heard from Tom that she was going to see a neurologist, hopefully today – and then a little while later came the news that devastated the anipal community.

With great dignity, Tom announced that his beloved Keely was to cross the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.

Horrified pals flocked to #Keelysporch. All of us were shocked, and most in tears. It seemed such a desperately short time ago that Keely was her usual happy self, chatting with pals, teasing Tom about his latest spell in Twitmo, and showing us her latest lovely pictures of #ourWinnie.

We held each other’s paws in silence as the time approached, and stood with heads bowed.

And then, the unthinkable happened.

At the very moment Keely was about to cross the bridge, #Keelysporch was invaded by a crowd of spammers. The timeline was flooded out with them, one after another parading the usual “Have you seen this? I couldn’t believe it!” message, with the inevitable link to somewhere that we didn’t want to go.

THEY couldn’t believe it? WE couldn’t believe it, either – that something so important could be hi-jacked by something so contemptible.

We didn’t leave it there, of course – we raised our heads, unclasped our paws and reported every one of them for spam. Within minutes they were booted out of Twitter – but not before they’d added to the pain of Keely’s family.

Keely was the sweetest pal that you could hope to meet. I never even once heard her complain or criticize, or lose her temper, or be mean to anyone – and to see her disrespected, especially at that moment in that way, made my blood boil.

So, here’s my pledge in honor of my friend – at the first sight of a spammer from now on, my claws come out. No more “live and let live” or “ignore them and they’ll go away”.

Each one I see will be blocked and reported just as fast as I can get my claws on to the keypad.

And every time I do, I’ll think, “This one’s for Keely!”

Somewhere across the Bridge right now I’m sure she’s well and happy, chatting with the pals who’ve gone before, and making new friends with #OTRB anipals from the families of her Twitter friends.

I don’t know yet if she’ll tweet from there (I hope she will!), but I know she’ll go to the Waving Cloud every day to wave hello to Tom and Winnie.

And, of course, she has her own special star that Tom had named in her honor recently – it will be twinkling brightly as night falls.

Run free across the Bridge, my golden friend – you’ll never leave our hearts!

PS – if you would like to share your memories of @Keely_Bobs, you might like to go to #NipClub’s page and leave a comment there.

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  1. What an absolutely fantastic tribute I will stand with claws out against spammers always thinking of keely. The shock I had today upon hearing this news was just huge so for Tom and Winnie and family I can’t even imagine – you will always be in my heart and an honour to be able to call myself a furend of Keely’s

  2. Thank you Shayna for a beautiful piece about a beautiful furiend. Keely was an amazing furiend to all – kind, loving, sweet, gentle, funny – there aren’t enough good words to describe her. She was an angel here on earth – now she has her wings. I am blessed to call her & Tom my furiends – I love them & #ourWinnie so very much. Keely is a beautiful, bright star now & I’ll always wave to her & blow a kiss each night.

    I too went a bit nuts when I saw those evil spammers invade her hashtag – will forever think “this is for you Keely” when I block & report them too! I even sent a few of them some choice words before I reported them!

    God speed Keely – this sin’t good bye – it’s til we meet again. Love you forever! ((HUGS))

  3. Beautiful, beautiful tribute Miss Shayna. *gives big hug while trying to not cry again*

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