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#WigItUp Each Wednesday!

August 22, 2012
#WigItUp At The Awards

#WigItUp At The Awards

You may have seen some vibrantly-dressed avatars in mid-week recently, often accompanied by a relatively new hashtag – #WigItUp Wednesday.

Yesterday I was talking to @JeffMusk, who told me how it all began.

You know how lots of anipals dress up on Halloween? Well, instead of wearing witch or warlock costume, Jeff and his friends decided to dress up in fancy wigs.

They had a lot of fun – so much, in fact, that some of them didn’t want to take their wigs off afterwards!

Wigs aren’t the most comfortable things to wear for too long at a time, though, so eventually they decided on a compromise – they’d have fun in their wigs one day each week.

The reason they chose Wednesday was that it represents the middle of the working week – a day when many humans find their energy is flagging and they need something to make them smile. Anipals are very good at brightening the lives of humans and
putting a smile back on their faces, so #WigItUp Wednesday seemed like a perfect way to do that.

Over the past few months the hashtag has come to take on an extra and very special meaning, too, as pals have used it to offer encouragement and positive energy to sick anipals, or to comfort those humans whose pals have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

So, if you feel inspired to don a bright, eye-catching wig each Wednesday, you’ll be in great (and growing) company.

Wear it to pay tribute to an #OTRB pal, or offer hope and comfort on a sick one’s porch.

Wear it to energize your human and to make them laugh – they often need that tonic much more than they know.

Or even wear it for yourself, to celebrate your sense of playfulness and joy of living!

Wear it for whatever positive reason that appeals to you – just #WigItUp each Wednesday, and have some fun!


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One Comment
  1. Very nice story Shayna.. There’s some things I didn’t know about #WigitupWednesday.. Glad you explained it! *high paws*

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