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Avast, Me Hearties!!

August 30, 2012
Recruiting NOW!

Recruiting NOW!

As you may know, #NipClub is holding a Tall Ships Regatta tomorrow, August 30, from 4pm EDT (9pm UK) onwards.

You may also know that I’m lucky enough to be captaining one of the ships, HMS Shayna.

What you may NOT know is that just because the vessel belongs to the UK Merchant Marine (in plain non-technical English, it a British ship!) and flies the UK flag, that does NOT mean that the crew all have to be from the UK.

Pals of all nationalities and any species whatsoever are very welcome to sign up and join the crew. You’ll have free noms and a plentiful supply of rum, and no-one sailing under me has ever (so far!) suffered the indignity of the cat o’nine tails, being keelhauled, or finding themselves forced to walk the plank.

You’ll be a member of as lively a bunch of matelots as ever flew the Jolly Roger (I mean, the Union Jack), spliced the mainbrace, climbed up to the crow’s nest, or fell out of the rigging.

If we happen to come across a treasure ship that needs us to take charge of it and steer it safely into harbor, any doubloons or jewels that we claim as salvage will be shared among the crew.

And, of course, let’s not forget we’re in a race… and that no matter which ship is first to cross the Finish line, the real winners will be the little Doxies #NipClub’s helping this month to escape the pound (or even worse) and find forever homes.

So – you in? Just tweet or DM me, & I’ll be delighted to add you to the crew.

Ship Ahoy!

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