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Gems From The Garage

September 11, 2012

Most readers of this post will already know @GeorgeTheDuck, the 3″ duck with catnip stuffing who runs the NipClub Monthly site, DJs and barktends at Twitter pawties, and keeps a firm but kindly eye on his Typist, Robyn Harton, and a number of delightful cats.

What you may not know is that Robyn makes and sells some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry that you might ever want to see.

OK, you can argue that I might be just a little biased – Mom has a lovely moonstone pendant set in silver that came from her store, and she never ceases to be amazed at the intricate hand-working of the silver as well as the delicate grace and subtle lustre of the stone itself.

Now, the reason that I’m telling you about it is, you have the chance to get your own paws on one of Robyn’s lovely pieces for yourself – and for a limited time you can even get one at a knock-down price!

One of the family cats, named Mini, has suffered from ill-health recently – her asthma has led to congestive heart failure. Obviously, running a business involves tying up a lot of funds in stock and raw materials, so, to fund her treatment, George and his Typist are having a garage sale – and you can benefit!

Just head on over to Robyn’s store and take a look around – you’ll find plenty of items that would make distinctive gifts for Christmas, birthdays and lots of other occasions, and maybe even a special treat for your own human, too!

And that’s not all. Take a look around the site and you’ll find lots of information about particular stones and all the lore surrounding them – and there’s even a free book you can download to read at your leisure.

Find out whether diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, or when you might be better choosing garnet or citrine – have fun reading the traditional beliefs around each stone, and amaze your friends with your new knowledge!

All that information’s free, and it can help you choose a stone that has a special meaning just for you.

Go on – indulge yourself! The information’s free and the magnificent jewelry’s (very temporarily!) at garage-sale prices, so head across there now, while stocks last and the bargain prices are available!

That link again? It’s Robyn’s store, and whatever time of day you’re reading this, it’s open NOW!!

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  1. Wow, What a fantastic post. Thank you Shayna! *ducky hugs*

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