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Oops – Forgot To Tell You…

September 13, 2012


I so hate to admit this, but I can be a really silly kitty sometimes – I was so busy telling you about @GeorgeTheDuck’s garage sale that I forgot to mention something very important: how you can help to make the sale the great success that it deserves to be and put yourself in the running to win a pawesome prize… and all without it costing you a cent!

Here’s how to do it…

    1. Go to and leave a comment sending Mini healing purrs. As you can imagine, Mini’s illness is very tough on George, his Typist Robyn and all the family, as well as, most of all, of course, on Mini herself. They can use all the healing purrs and good wishes they can get, and in gratitude they’ll enter you in the prize draw just for doing that;

    2. If you have a blog, please give George’s garage sale a mention and include the link. It doesn’t need to be a long post – just a few lines will spread the word and let your friends know where to go for some distinctive, beautifully-made jewelry at a great price. When you’ve done that and tweeted your blog post link so your friends can find it (hashtag is #Sale4Mini , by the way), go to George’s site and leave a comment telling him you’ve blogged about the garage sale, and you’ll be entered in the draw to win a prize;

    3. Whether or not you have a blog, please tweet about George’s garage sale and include the link – the short and Twitter-friendly version is – and the #Sale4Mini hashtag, then go to the site and leave a comment telling him you’ve tweeted about it, and you’ll also be entered in the prize draw.

Finally, if you want to start your Christmas shopping early (or snag a pawesome bargain for yourself!), just go to and look out for the 20% discount coupon available to Mini’s friends… and in case you need an extra incentive, all garage sale customers will also be entered in the prize draw.

Bargains are going fast, so I really do suggest you hurry!!

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