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If You Have A Problem At #NipClub…

December 3, 2012

nipclub baazr

First of all, I hope you’ve all had as great a weekend as I have – #BodeNancyWed was a blast, and the #NipClub Holiday Bazaar exceeded all our expectations!

Sadly, though, there was one sour note to the weekend. It happened last night, and although I hope the incident is now closed it highlights an issue which I think could usefully be clarified.

What #NipClub Is

#NipClub is an online anipal night-club with two purposes:-

  1. To entertain, in a friendly, safe and fun environment; and
  2. To raise money to help no-kill animal shelters which are small and struggling for funding.

What #NipClub Isn’t

#NipClub is not a place for:-

  • Fundraising for causes other than the official #NipClub charity for the month.

That’s not because we don’t care about other needs – we do, and a lot of #NipClub staff, including me, are happy to help out at other fundraisers whenever we can.

What we don’t do, though, is promote them on the #NipClub hashtag. We keep that for the little shelters we’ve researched, approved, made friends with and pledged our full support to for that month.

  • Political, religious or other controversy.

There are lots of forums online offering the chance to discuss your views with others of the same persuasion, or argue with the opposition. #NipClub isn’t one of them. We aim to be inclusive, not divisive, and to have respect for all.

  • Campaigning.

You may have the best cause in the world, and as individuals pawty-goers and members of #NipClub management and staff may well support it, but when you come through the doors of #NipClub that stuff gets left outside.

All of it. Period.

We are here for the reasons I’ve already given, not to support, or oppose, any other cause whatever. Attempts to involve #NipClub in other causes will at best distract our members from our true purposes, and at worst put them off from from turning up at all. That will merely hurt those that we’re here to help.

There are plenty of ways to help a cause you’re passionate about, both in social media and off-line.

#NipClub isn’t one of them.

Campaigning on the #NipClub timeline is off-topic, posting off-topic to a hashtag is spam, and #NipClubbers are very good at turning out in force to block and report spammers.

Please don’t make any of us feel we have to do that.

And, most importantly of all…

  • Attacking your fellow #NipClub-bers

Most #NipClub-goers would be appalled at the idea, but sadly there are those who even with the best of motives fail to grasp the point that other anipals and humans are entitled to respect.

So, for those (hopefully, extremely few) who need the information, this is how it works:-

  1. If you have a beef with someone, resolve it peacefully or take it outside.
  2. If you disagree with someone’s views, say so politely or ignore them.
  3. If you don’t like someone, unfollow them or block them.
  4. And if you have a problem with any of that, you don’t belong at #Nipclub.

What if you’re the one who’s attacked?

Hopefully it’ll never happen, but if it does here’s what to do about it:-

  1. Don’t respond to the attack – abusers thrive on the anger or distress of victims.
  2. Report the attack to @kingtuttifruiti, @flacatlady, myself, or any other member of #NipClub management who happens to be around. If no-one is, please copy the tweet to your note-taking app so you can access it later when someone is available.
  3. Block the person or persons who attacked you.
  4. If you feel you need to, report the abuse to Twitter – most times, though, simply blocking the offender ends the problem instantly and with as little distress to you as possible.

Now we’ve cleared that up…

… let’s all get back to doing what we do best – having fun, and helping shelter anipals at #NipClub đŸ™‚


  1. mizzbassie permalink

    Great post, Shayna! I agree totally and I’m sorry this weekend’s event was spoiled by a squabble that belonged elsewhere. It was still a great event and everyone had a great time. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. Thank you Shayna for writing a sensible post and caring so much about #NipClub! xo

    • Thanks, Georgia – I do care about #NipClub and those we’re here to help, and although I fully realize that sometimes people do misguided things in pursuit of a very well-meant purpose, what we saw last night was innocent third parties becoming collateral damage in someone else’s fight, and that is unacceptable. I hope this post will make it clear where #NipClub stands.

  3. Belle (Frankencat1) permalink

    I do wish that those twouble makers would take it elsewhere – Fanks much Shayna for your devotion to #nipclub and us fellow anipals

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Belle – I believe the people concerned were acting from good motives, but unfortunately in a manner that could only do more harm than good. I hope that in future they and any others like them will reconsider their tactics and take their argument elsewhere.

  4. JinJin, Pixel & Otis permalink

    We weren’t there to see it, but have seen this before and we’re so glad you posted this Shayna. Hopefully those folks will get the message and leave their “Baggage” at the door.

    • Thanks, Jinjin, Pixel & Otis – I realize that those involved have genuine concerns, but I believe they need to find the proper place to air them, and #NipClub isn’t it.

  5. Hugs Shayna … great post very lucid #BRAVO

  6. That was a super post – very well written.

  7. Katie Isabella permalink

    I have to say this is a wonderful post and if only it could be posted on Twitter! Of course, it cannot but what a great representation of our rules. Thank you.


  8. Thanks, Mario – very kind of you đŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment, Katie – I hope the situation’s now clear to those who didn’t get it before.

  10. ZobyDoby1 permalink

    We wasn’t there Shayna, and we do not ever wish to be involved in such things. We is just acknowledging the time and effort you and others put into #nipclub, and we wants you to know that you is a most dignified kitty, and we has the utmost respect for you. xx

  11. This wasn’t during the Holiday Bazaar, was it? I clearly missed it and am sorry it had to happen. I hope it wasn’t the same old troublemakers.

    • It happened on Sunday night, after the Bazaar was officially over but was unofficially still going on. The people concerned have been at #NipClub before, and have repeatedly been asked to take their campaign elsewhere. I don’t doubt they’re genuinely intent on helping animals, but #NipClub’s not the place for what they’re doing, and causing distress to #NipClub-goers is completely unacceptable.

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