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#GeorgePawty – Your Special Invitation!

February 18, 2013
Celebrating #GeorgePawty: @GeorgeTheDuck

Celebrating #GeorgePawty: @GeorgeTheDuck

I don’t suppose there’s anyone who’ll read this post without already knowing @GeorgeTheDuck – an outstanding barktender and DJ who only has to waddle into any pawty and wave a wing to make people smile in anticipation of the laughter and the entertainment to come.

George is especially famous within #NipClub where, in addition to the countless shifts he’s worked during the Thursday night pawties,  he set up and was the first Manager of #NipClub Monthly, and the tremendous strides the new venture has made within a year are in no small measure thanks to the efforts of a 3″ catnip duck with a colossal personality.

Representing joy: Citrine Heart

Citrine Heart:

That’s only one aspect of George’s character, though. Many of us also know him behind the scenes as a kind and caring friend always ready to lend an understanding ear to problems or sort out a piece of tangled coding – not to mention helping out at countless fundraisers and pawties, often at short notice, and always doing so with brilliance and laughter. George is a very special part of Twitter, well-known and, much more importantly, well-loved.

Breath of Spring Seas:

Breath of Spring Seas:

Sadly, George and his Typist, Robin Harton, have been dealing with some very painful challenges recently. Of the five cats who share their home, two are terminally ill – @Sanjeethecat with mouth cancer, and Mini with advanced unclassified cardiomyopathy with severe left atrial enlargement in other words, progressive heart failure. Naturally, George and Robyn are doing everything possible to keep them comfortable and happy, and are spending as much time with them as possible.

Persia Bracelet:

Persia Bracelet:

As if all this wasn’t enough, their third cat, Gree, has now developed dental problems and if antibiotics don’t work may need surgery.

I can’t imagine there’s anyone would could face this situation without being put under tremendous strain. The financial cost is high, and the emotional cost much higher still – and in this case, there’s an added complication, too.

Robyn runs a business – with George’s help, of course. She designs and hand-makes gorgeous jewelry – and I know it’s gorgeous, because Mom wears some of it, and everyone who sees it tells her how beautiful it is. Robyn’s designs are lovely, and she crafts her work with great care. Her materials are silver and semi-precious stones – items with lots of character, designed with artistry and fashioned with much love.

Flower of Creativity:

Flower of Creativity:

But here’s the problem. Given the challenges I’ve just been telling you about, Robyn hasn’t had the time she needs to market her business. She has no problem filling all the orders that she gets, but as any small business owner will tell you, the first thing to suffer when you don’t have enough time at your disposal is the thing your business needs the most – your marketing.

Twinkling Opals:

Twinkling Opals:

That means potential customers aren’t getting to hear about her lovely work, and what they haven’t heard about they just can’t order.

So, here’s what her and George’s friends are doing about it.

We’re holding a #GeorgePawty on Twitter on February 19, from 6-9pm Eastern Time (that’s 11pm – 1am if you’re in the UK or Ireland, by the way).

Success and Happiness:

Success and Happiness:

We want to say a great big  Thank You to George and Robyn for all they do for us and for anipals in need, and we’re going to do some marketing of Robyn’s business for them.

We’re going to hang out and have fun, of course, as we do at any pawty, but we’re also going to showcase some of Robyn’s work and tweet some links for you to check out these and other items from her collection.

What do we want you to do?

  • Anxiety Relief:

    Anxiety and Stress Relief:

    Tell your friends about the pawty. Invite any and every anipal you know. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and any other social network you can think of. If you have a blog, we’d love it if you’d mention it on there. You don’t have to write a post about it if you don’t want to – you’re very welcome just to write a couple of lines and link to this one. We don’t want you to spam anyone, of course, but any legitimate promotion will be very welcome ;

  • Thulite Heart Blessings:

    Thulite Heart Blessings:

    Come to the pawty, and enjoy it! If you don’t like jewelry and haven’t got spare dollars to donate, please don’t imagine that means that you can’t help.  Giving George and Robyn a great night that will lift their spirits and show how many friends they have who love them will work wonders. George’s DJ and barktending skills have helped to get a lot of pawties trending – this time we want to see his name and hashtag at the top of that list!;

  • During the pawty, please send some RTs, especially of links to Robyn’s site and products. Don’t think that if you’re new to tweeting and only have a paw-full of followers so far you can’t help – you never know when you might be reaching someone that the rest of us can’t reach;

  • Focus Bracelet:

    Focus Bracelet:

    Please give some thought to buying some of Robyn’s work. Is there a piece you’d like to treat yourself to? Have you achieved something that you’d like to reward yourself for, or have a permanent souvenir of? Do you need to buy a present soon for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion? (Big hint – for those in the UK, Mother’s Day is not far off…);

  • Ice Flicker Bracelet:

    Ice Flicker Bracelet:

    Download Robyn’s book about her stones and crystals. It’s free, and it’s a real good read;

  • If you don’t need jewelry but you do have a couple of dollars to spare to help someone through a bad patch who’s given unstintingly of her time and her resources to help others, there’ll be a Chip-In you can contribute to – and we’ll be particularly grateful if you’ll tweet the link; and
  • EternaEar-rings:


    If you’re interested but can’t get to the pawty, you can visit Robyn’s store right now and browse her products for yourself, or toss in a few dollars if you can at the Chip-In link.

Thank you for reading this, and please – enjoy #GeorgePawty !!

Please help #GeorgePawty

Please help #GeorgePawty

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