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Supporting Charities At #NipClub

March 24, 2013
#NipClub founders: @kingtuttifruitti & his human, @flacatlady

#NipClub founders: @kingtuttifruitti & his human @flacatlady

Working at #NipClub is like nothing else on earth – if  “on earth” is the right expression for a nightclub out in Cyberspace! It’s great fun to be a part of the team that brings you entertainment every Thursday night and for 24 uninterrupted hours every second weekend of the month.

It’s also a tremendous responsibility. We aren’t only about entertainment – we’re also about raising funds to help small no-kill animal shelters who even at the best of times have very limited resources and during this recession are faced with a daily struggle even to survive. That means that the success or otherwise of every #NipClub fundraiser means the saving, or the loss, of animal lives.

#NipClub: where efurrybuddy knows your name

#NipClub: the online spot where everyone knows your name

Every shelter we support goes through a rigorous selection process. We have to be satisfied that they have a proper 501(c)3 registration (or the equivalent accreditation for those outside the USA) to say that they’re a fully vetted and properly registered charity.

We enquire into their policies and care of animals, and immediately exclude all who aren’t as fully committed as we are ourselves to keeping healthy animals alive. We take all the steps we can to check on their finances and fund-raising activities. Because we help only charities who have proper accreditation there’s a lot of information about them in the public domain and It isn’t hard to find – but it needs a lot of checking. That takes hours of work each month, and it’s a rigorous and not particularly pleasant experience for a charity to go through.


Welcome to #NipClub: our famous signage

We do all this for two reasons –

1 – Because we want to make sure that we give targeted help to those organizations who need it most; and

2 – Because we want to safeguard our #NipClub patrons, and make as certain as we can that your hard-earned and recession-hit dollars are going exactly where you think they are, and doing as much good as possible.

We’re not pretending we can help every anipal, human or organization in financial difficulties – there aren’t enough hours in the day or dollars in our members’ pockets to do that. So, we do the only thing we can – we help those shelters we believe we can help most.

And the hardest and most painful job at #NipClub is saying No to all the rest.

Almost a year old: #NipClub Monthly

Almost a year old: #NipClub Monthly

Because we’ve picked the causes we believe we can help most and we’ve put them through such close and painful scrutiny, we promise them in return that we will do our utmost as an organization to promote their cause, and theirs alone, during the time that they’re our chosen charity.

That means that other than in the most exceptional circumstances, which need direct approval from @kingtuttifruiti / @flacatlady, #NipClub will not allow its name or hashtag to be used for the promotion of any other charity, appeal or cause.

Individual staff members also support a variety of other causes. We tweet about them, blog about them, post to Facebook about them, DJ, barktend, quiz or do  whatever else we can to help them – but we do so off the #NipClub timeline.

That allows us all to help as many causes as we can without diluting the focus #NipClub gives to chosen charities.

#NipClub's favorite flower: a nip sprig

#NipClub’s favorite flower: a nip sprig

In return, of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to seek to promote #NipClub on other people’s hashtags, and unless we’re jointly promoting a charity with someone else, eg when @BorisKitty and @Eddiebabycat have generously used their #SCIFIpawty and #Jesters hashtags to support the current #NipClub charity, or someone using another hashtag mentions #NipClub and we reply, we don’t do that.

We know all too well how frustrating it is to put hours of work into an event for a specific cause only to have it hi-jacked on behalf of someone else’s, and we no more want to do that to other people than we want other people doing it to us.

Most anipals who promote non-#NipClub-related material on the #NipClub hashtag do so innocently, without knowing any of that background, and we explain in a polite and friendly manner (and completely behind the scenes if we can DM or e-mail pals involved). Most understand when we explain, but just occasionally someone doesn’t take it well.

Tutti & Shayna: Valentine's at #NipClub

@kingtuttifruiti and wifey @ShaynaCat: Valentine’s at #NipClub

Sadly, that happened yesterday, and resulted in some harsh and inaccurate things being posted on the public timeline about someone who spends many hours every day working behind the scenes for #NipClub.

Even more sadly, the inaccurate claims are apparently continuing.

Some of the abuse is personal,  as untrue as it is irrelevant, and doesn’t deserve to be repeated here, but there was one thing said that does need to be corrected. I tried to point it out in private, but although I’d taken no part whatever in the incident l discovered I’d been blocked, leaving me no way to set the record straight except in public.

6185_4169112623998_1349744775_nThe reason why @kingtuttifruiti and his human, @flacatlady, make rules for #NipClub is very simple – they founded #NipClub in the first place. It was their idea. They run it, they determine strategy, and they have the final decision on everything to do with #NipClub.

If anyone finds that unacceptable, all they have to do is start their own hashtag, and work as hard as #NipClub staff to run it and promote it. That will allow them the freedom to promote whatever cause they like, as widely as they can – except, of course, at #NipClub.

There’s one more thing I need to say to say here, which I’m sure you’ll understand is not aimed at any #NipClub patron or staff member, but hopefully will serve to reassure anyone who was upset by anything that took place yesterday.

Boss Cat: @kingtuttifruiti at #NipClub

Boss Cat: @kingtuttifruiti at #NipClub

Differences of opinion, and criticism of opinions or behavior, are a valid and sometimes very necessary thing, but personal abuse or defamation of any member of the #NipClub staff or any #NipClub guest will not be tolerated.

Anyone posting such material will be blocked and reported, and screen shots of any such abuse or defamation will be taken and forwarded to the appropriate authorities of any social media where they appear.

#NipClub is intended as an entertaining place to be, and its management will take whatever steps are necessary to safeguard staff and guests and ensure it is a safe and fun environment in which to pawty.

So, with all that said, let’s put the incident behind us and do what we do best at #NipClub – pawty on!! 🙂

  1. this is a pawsome and informative post for those who aren’t familiar with NipClub. I lub the #Nipclub thursday nights. Furriends & Fun

  2. Thank you for this post, Shayna. I agree 100% that #NipClub creators have the right to decide what is appropriate to tweet under the #NipClub hashtag. It’s not even a matter of HOW #NipClub charities are chosen. The amount of work the organizers put into #NipClub ENTITLES THEM to make those decisions, regardless of anyone’s opinion.

    Some of what went on yesterday left a very bad taste in my mouth. I’m afraid that with the kind of behaviour we saw, the only recourse is the official way, through Twitter.

  3. Excellent post Shayna. I didn’t know any of this had happened until I read it in Mr. Breeze’s blog. Thanks to you and him for setting the record straight.

  4. Spot on perfect blog post my dear friend! Thank you for giving your time and talents to #Nipclub!

  5. I missed the part of the inappropriate post but I just to say that #Nipclub helps so many shelters in so many ways. These fun raisers are not only fun but beneficial to the shelter they are helping. I say ROCK ON #Nipclub! You anipals are amazing!

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